Madagascar Orders of Battle

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[ Ground Forces OB, July 1942 ]
[ Armée de l'Air Order of Battle, 5 May 1942 ]

Ground Forces Order of Battle, July 1942  [ back to top of page ]

Note : This orbat gives the position of French forces after the fall of Diego Suarez to the British. It is reproduced directly from "La "guérilla" des troupes vichystes à Madasgar en 1942" which looks like a reliable article. However, one point is subject to caution : there were in fact two Régiments Mixtes Malgaches of three battalions rather than one of six battalions as shown below (this is obvioulsy a typo). I haven't yet been able to check which battalions in fact belonged to the 2e RMM.

West Coast

East Coast

Centre of the island

South of the island

Armée de l'Air Order of Battle, 5 May 1942  [ back to top of page ]

Groupe Aérien Mixte  (Cne Leonetti)
Unit Aircraft Total Avail. Base Commander
Esc. 565 Morane-Saulnier 406
Ivato-Tananarive Cne Baché
Esc. 555 Potez 63.11
Ivato-Tananarive Lt Le Bouedec

Note : A small detachment of MS 406 and P 63.11 was permanently stationed at  Diégo Arrachart under Lt Rossigneux (its aircraft are included in the numbers above). In addition, there were some Potez 25TOE and Potez 29 used mainly in for casualty evacuation.

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