Tunisia Order of battle, 8 November 1942

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French forces in Tunisia were organised into four combined arms groupements and two reserve groupements on the eve of Operation Torch.

Groupement de Bizerte - commanded by Vice-Amiral Derrien, commander of Navy forces in Tunisia, tasked with the defence of Bizerte

Groupement de Tunis - commanded by Colonel Bergeron, tasked with the defence of the ports of Tunis and La Goulette Groupement du Sahel - commanded by General Trémeau, tasked with the defence of the ports of Sousse and Sfax Groupement du Sud Tunisien - commanded by Lt-Col Nussard, tasked with the defence of the port of Gabès Groupement Réservé N°1 (Tunis) - commanded by Colonel Le Coulteux Groupement Réservé N°2 (Kairouan) - commanded by Colonel Lecourtier
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